Sexual Harassment in Academia – International Edition

Last updated 8/17/2016 Update 8/17/16: I will add high profile international cases as I become aware of them. I have identified over 425 cases of faculty and administrators engaging in sexual harassment at U.S. universities. In creating this list, I have come across troubling references to cases occurring outside of the U.S. To be clearContinue reading “Sexual Harassment in Academia – International Edition”

Caitlin Kirby Presents at the 2016 Fate of the Earth Symposium

Caitlin Kirby, first-year PhD student in the Geocognition Research Lab, presented at the 2016 Fate of the Earth symposium last week. This was Caitlin’s first poster presentation as a graduate student. She presented on preliminary results from interviews she conducted with individuals who work at the nexus between climate science organizations and Tribes; this isContinue reading “Caitlin Kirby Presents at the 2016 Fate of the Earth Symposium”

GRL Graduate Student Paty Jaimes Receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

The Geocognition Research Lab is proud to announce that first-year graduate student Patricia (Paty) Jaimes is the proud recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship! Paty’s research project, Within and Beyond the Leaky Pipeline: Understanding Minority Student Transitions in Earth System Science, will allow her to explore the underlying causes of the lackContinue reading “GRL Graduate Student Paty Jaimes Receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship”

GRL student Caitlin Kirby receives grant!

Caitlin Kirby, a first-year graduate student in the GRL, has hit the ground running! She recently submitted her first grant proposal and the lab is excited to announce that she received funding from Michigan State University’s Be Spartan Green program for her project entitled: Spartans’ Climate Change Knowledge and Empowerment. Caitlin will use her grantContinue reading “GRL student Caitlin Kirby receives grant!”

GRL student Patricia Jaimes receives award!

Patricia Jaimes, a first-year student in the Geocognition Research Lab, has received the 2016 Tracy A. Hammer Award for Professional Development from the Michigan State University College of Natural Sciences. This award is made even more special because Fellow first-year graduate student Caitlin Kirby made the nomination. Congratulations to both students! To quote from Caitlin’sContinue reading “GRL student Patricia Jaimes receives award!”

New paper published in Journal of Geoscience Education

The Geocognition Research Lab is happy to announce a new paper published in the February issue of the Journal of Geoscience Education: Conceptual Mobility and Entrenchment in Introductory Geoscience Courses: New Questions Regarding Physics’ and Chemistry’s Role in Learning Earth Science Concepts by Steven W. Anderson and Julie C. Libarkin ABSTRACT: Nationwide pre- and post-testingContinue reading “New paper published in Journal of Geoscience Education”

Sexual Harassment in Academia – Not Just Words

I have been compiling documented cases of sexual harassment in academia. So far, I’ve unearthed 160 cases, including 3 departments and 19 administrators. Earlier, I wrote a post about a few things I learned while compiling this list. I have a few things to add: 1. SEXUAL HARASSMENT AT UNIVERSITIES IS OFTEN PHYSICAL. While someContinue reading “Sexual Harassment in Academia – Not Just Words”

Collaboration to improve Native American tribes’ access to climate science tools

The Geocognition Research Lab is pleased to be part of a new NSF-funded project to foster better relations between tribes and scientific organizations when dealing with climate change. The project, led by Kyle Powys Whyte – an MSU philosophy professor – is a collaboration between Michigan State University and the College of Menominee Nation. MoreContinue reading “Collaboration to improve Native American tribes’ access to climate science tools”