Paty Jaimes Receives On To the Future Award from the Geological Society of America!

New graduate student Paty Jaimes has received an On To the Future award to travel to the 2015 Geological Society of America annual meeting. Congratulations, Paty, and well done! From the Geological Society of America On To the Future page: “The On To the Future Program (OTF) is a grassroots initiative of the Geological SocietyContinue reading “Paty Jaimes Receives On To the Future Award from the Geological Society of America!”

My Experiences With Sexism in Science

I think I have finally had it. I am sick of women being told to “put up with” sexist behavior because to speak up would be career suicide. I am sick of the defenders of academics who prey on students. I am sick of seemingly smart people spouting stereotypes that portray women as somehow differentContinue reading “My Experiences With Sexism in Science”


SCIENCE magazine retracted the June 1, 2015 ASK ALICE column because of the incredibly bad advice given to a young postdoc facing sexual harassment from her adviser. You can read the original column here, and SCIENCE’s retraction statement here. I just sent a letter to the SCIENCE Career Editor. I hope SCIENCE recognizes that thisContinue reading “SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN SCIENCE”

FUNDING: How many proposals should you submit?

I have been in my current position for nine years. I submitted plenty of research proposals before I came to MSU, but I have now established a long-ish record of proposal writing and grantsmanship at one institution. I did a quick search through our proposal database and figured out that I submitted, either as PIContinue reading “FUNDING: How many proposals should you submit?”