Graduate students in the Geocognition Research Lab at Michigan State University can earn an MS or PhD in Earth and Environmental Sciences through cutting-edge research that blurs the boundaries between learning science, education, geoscience, and diversity. This work includes investigation of expert-novice cognition (e.g., Field Work), assessment of learning (e.g., Item Response Theory), scientific communication (e.g., Climate Literacy), and access and inclusion (e.g., Social Capital and Mentoring). Potential coursework in geoscience, education, psychology, political science, sociology, and other areas offers opportunities to build multidisciplinary expertise through programs such as the Cognitive Science Program, the Environmental Science & Policy Program, and the Center for Community Engaged Learning. Contact Julie Libarkin ( for more information.

We encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, through specialization certification or joint graduate training with the:

A list of current and former GRL personnel, including current positions, is available on our Personnel page! Contact Julie Libarkin for more information about working in the GRL.

The GRL has also compiled a list of graduate programs in Geocognition and Geoscience Education Research, as well as links to graduate programs in Discipline-Based Education Research in other sciences.

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