MSUResearchPosterPresentation2015Nicole Stanley
Geoscience Education Research and Geocognition Research in the Geocognition Research Lab is very broadly focused on “measurement”. In the GRL, we focus on designing high quality research experiments to evaluate geocognition as it relates to: understanding, attitudes, interaction with media, performance, and learning in and outside of classrooms. We also work on studies related to disability and diversity in the sciences. Much of our work centers on developing high quality mechanisms for measuring cognition, affect, or behavior. Learn more about our geocognition and geoscience education research by clicking one of the links below:

Understanding: The Geoscience Concept Inventory, Critical Thinking

Attitudes: The Insect Disgust Survey

Interaction with Media: Eye Tracking, Text Comprehension

Performance: Field Mapping Behavior

Learning in and Outside of Classrooms: Foundations of Science MOOC, The River Lab

Disability and Diversity in Science: Geoscience Access, Draw-A-Job Study

How Authorship Works in the GRL