New Publication About Perceptions of Scientists with Disabilities in GEOSPHERE

The GRL is pleased to announce the publication of a new paper in GEOSPHERE, a journal of the Geological Society of America. The paper, Professionally held perceptions about the accessibility of the geosciences, is co-authored by Chris Atchison and Julie Libarkin. We discuss three related studies of scientists’ perceptions of people with disabilities, as wellContinue reading “New Publication About Perceptions of Scientists with Disabilities in GEOSPHERE”

Paper Wins 2016 Outstanding Paper of the Year from Journal of Geoscience Education

A paper published by the GRL in 2015 has been awarded the Outstanding Paper of the Year by the Journal of Geoscience Education! The paper, Using the Lens of Social Capital to Understand Diversity in the Earth System Sciences Workforce, is available for free online asĀ  special offer by the journal. The paper was co-authoredContinue reading “Paper Wins 2016 Outstanding Paper of the Year from Journal of Geoscience Education”

GRL-Affiliated Conference Paper Wins Award

A paper recently presented at the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Conference was awarded the Second Place Research Award by the Entrepreneurship and Engineering Innovation Division! The paper, Entrepreneurship Education for Women in Engineering: A Systematic Review of Entrepreneurship Assessment Literature with a Focus on Gender, was led by Christina Morton and co-authored byContinue reading “GRL-Affiliated Conference Paper Wins Award”

The Media is NOT Reporting on University Sexual Harassment

Today is June 8, 2016. That means 22 weeks of the year have passed. In those 22 weeks, I have documented the reporting of 23 cases of sexual harassment and assault perpetrated by university faculty or administrators. These are only the cases I could find, and the number of actual cases is likely higher. InContinue reading “The Media is NOT Reporting on University Sexual Harassment”

Sexual Harassment in Academia – International Edition

Last updated 8/17/2016 Update 8/17/16: I will add high profile international cases as I become aware of them. I have identified over 425 cases of faculty and administrators engaging in sexual harassment at U.S. universities. In creating this list, I have come across troubling references to cases occurring outside of the U.S. To be clearContinue reading “Sexual Harassment in Academia – International Edition”