Sexual Harassment in Academia – International Edition

Last updated 8/17/2016 Update 8/17/16: I will add high profile international cases as I become aware of them. I have identified over 425 cases of faculty and administrators engaging in sexual harassment at U.S. universities. In creating this list, I have come across troubling references to cases occurring outside of the U.S. To be clearContinue reading “Sexual Harassment in Academia – International Edition”


Edited on 3/12/16 to add a SEVENTH UC-Berkeley case. The internet is abuzz with the latest sexual harassment case to hit UC-Berkeley, that of┬áSujit Choudhry, Dean of Law School. This comes on the heals of Geoff Marcy’s resignation – that case captured attention because of Marcy’s research prowess and his long history of sexually harassingContinue reading “SEXUAL HARASSMENT – DEAL WITH INSTITUTIONAL CULTURE”

Sexual Harassment in Academia – Not Just Words

I have been compiling documented cases of sexual harassment in academia. So far, I’ve unearthed 160 cases, including 3 departments and 19 administrators. Earlier, I wrote a post about a few things I learned while compiling this list. I have a few things to add: 1. SEXUAL HARASSMENT AT UNIVERSITIES IS OFTEN PHYSICAL. While someContinue reading “Sexual Harassment in Academia – Not Just Words”

What I learned from a week of slogging through the underbelly of sexual harassment in academia

Related Post: not-a-fluke-that-case-of-sexual-harassment-is-not-an-isolated-incident/ and sexual-harassment-in-academia-not-just-words/ A week ago I decided to fight back when yet another report of sexual harassment in academia surfaced (and another report cropped up in the intervening few days). Fed up with suggestions that sexual harassment was the problem of a single discipline, I decided to compile every case of sexualContinue reading “What I learned from a week of slogging through the underbelly of sexual harassment in academia”

My Experiences With Sexism in Science

I think I have finally had it. I am sick of women being told to “put up with” sexist behavior because to speak up would be career suicide. I am sick of the defenders of academics who prey on students. I am sick of seemingly smart people spouting stereotypes that portray women as somehow differentContinue reading “My Experiences With Sexism in Science”


SCIENCE magazine retracted the June 1, 2015 ASK ALICE column because of the incredibly bad advice given to a young postdoc facing sexual harassment from her adviser. You can read the original column here, and SCIENCE’s retraction statement here. I just sent a letter to the SCIENCE Career Editor. I hope SCIENCE recognizes that thisContinue reading “SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN SCIENCE”