Contingency Plan for COVID Geocognition Research Lab

Geocognition Research Lab

Contingency Plan for COVID

1. Space Planning

  • All lab members will work from home.
  • If a lab member needs to retrieve material from the lab, please contact the GRL list to let people know when you will be in lab. No more than ONE PERSON in the lab at once.
    • If you do visit the lab or office, please use cleaner to wipe down surfaces and door knobs before you leave.
  • All refrigerators are to be emptied and unplugged.
  • All perishable food and plants should be removed from lab.

2. Safety Equipment

  • The GRL does not contain any equipment that requires safety considerations.

3. Backup Equipment (Redundant)

4. Business continuity plan

  • All IN-PERSON human subjects research is suspended until further notice.
  • Remote human subjects research – web-based, phone, video – can continue.
  • As we move through this process, we will likely move into more facility with remote work. Please be kind to yourself and others – it will take time for us to get back into working and producing.
  • First and foremost, take care of your own physical and emotional needs. Work will always be here, but we need you living your best life.
  • Let the Lab PI know if you need a new laptop to allow you to continue your work.
  • We will have live Zoom meetings every Mon, Wed, and Fri from 1-4 pm. Come in and out of the meeting as you like.
    • Mondays: check-in on productivity, accomplishments, well-being, fears, needs
    • Wednesday: check-in (1-2, 3-4) and discussion of work products 2-3 pm
    • Friday: co-writing
    • We will also spend time doing other things (playing games, co-coloring, etc as people need). Efforts are underway to organize community co-viewing of television shows and movies via virtual means.

5. Questions or Suggestions!

This is a living document – please let me know if you have questions or suggestions.

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