GRL personnel have again made some important achievements. I am excited to report that:

Undergraduate GREG RUETENIK did an amazing job on his poster at UURAF. His poster was entitled “APPLICATION OF SPATIAL ANALYSIS TOOLS TO PROJECTION OF EYE TRACKING DATA”. This work was funded by an MSU Undergraduate Research Support Scholarship; he is working on a paper, coming soon!

Graduate student NICOLE LADUE received a Geological Society of America Student Research grant for her project “THE INFLUENCE OF SPATIAL ABILITY ON GEOLOGIC PROBLEM SOLVING.” This award will allow Nicole to extend her dissertation research into the role of spatial ability on high school student Earth Science performance.

Graduate students NICOLE LADUE and CHRISTY STEFFKE have received Dissertation Continuation Fellowships from the College of Natural Science. This follows on the heels of ROBERT DROST and SHELDON TURNER receiving ESPP summer fellowships.

Graduate student ROBERT DROST was recently interviewed for the State News: Look for him in another State News article soon. Tornado question? Ask Bob.

Graduate student SHELDON TURNER was featured in the State News:

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