How to Review a Manuscript

The related posts: How to Review a Manuscript, How to Write a Manuscript, How (and When) to Write the Background Section of a Manuscript. Reviewing a manuscript for a professional journal can seem like an overwhelming task, and can be time-consuming. I use this technique to help me dig into a paper quickly. Read theContinue reading “How to Review a Manuscript”

Sexual Harassment/Assault in Academia – EVERY WEEK

For the past four months, I have been compiling sexual harassment/assault cases in academia – harassment or assault on students or staff that is carried out by professors, administrators, or entire departments. It took several months for me to track down and compile old cases. Today, the number of documented cases sits at 364…come backContinue reading “Sexual Harassment/Assault in Academia – EVERY WEEK”

Gaslighting and Implicit Bias – Academic Style

So – I just got an email from an administrator. After discussing the business at hand, he ends the email by requesting that I change the “tone” of my emails. Setting aside for a moment that “tone” is not easily discernible in written correspondence, here are my issues with a male administrator telling me, aContinue reading “Gaslighting and Implicit Bias – Academic Style”


Edited on 3/12/16 to add a SEVENTH UC-Berkeley case. The internet is abuzz with the latest sexual harassment case to hit UC-Berkeley, that of┬áSujit Choudhry, Dean of Law School. This comes on the heals of Geoff Marcy’s resignation – that case captured attention because of Marcy’s research prowess and his long history of sexually harassingContinue reading “SEXUAL HARASSMENT – DEAL WITH INSTITUTIONAL CULTURE”

What I learned from a week of slogging through the underbelly of sexual harassment in academia

Related Post: not-a-fluke-that-case-of-sexual-harassment-is-not-an-isolated-incident/ and sexual-harassment-in-academia-not-just-words/ A week ago I decided to fight back when yet another report of sexual harassment in academia surfaced (and another report cropped up in the intervening few days). Fed up with suggestions that sexual harassment was the problem of a single discipline, I decided to compile every case of sexualContinue reading “What I learned from a week of slogging through the underbelly of sexual harassment in academia”